Watch: Why Can’t Hillary Clinton Put The 2016 Election To Rest?


The former presidential candidate continues to play the blame game and criticize President Trump; reaction and analysis on ‘The Five.’




  1. Who cares what this loser is saying? You lost, Hillary! Go home and stop whining. PRESIDENT TRUMP is doing a FANTASTIC JOB, thank G-d, and you know it quite well, but your jealousy is driving you in sane. I would advise you to recuperate for the next 7 years with your friends in Saudi Arabia who gave you billions of dollars before elections to be able to manipulate the election for you.

    Hillary, remember when you as presidential candidate said, “ANYONE WHO DOESN’T ACCEPT THE RESULTS OF AN ELECTION IS A THREAT TO DEMOCRACY”? WHAT HAPPENED?

    The media then was full of: “Clinton camp preparing for possibility Trump won’t concede.” “Hillary Clinton’s campaign is increasingly preparing for the possibility that Donald Trump may never concede the presidential election should she win, a development that could enormously complicate the crucial early weeks of her preparations to take office.” “DONALD IS STILL GOING TO WHINE IF HE LOSES. But if the mandate is clear, I don’t think many people will follow him.”


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