Watch: White House Threatens To Pull Brennan’s Security Clearance


The President is reportedly considering revoking the security clearance of ex-Intel chiefs, including John Brennan, Andrew McCabe, and James Comey. Reaction from Amb. Adam Ereli, former U.S. ambassador to Bahrain and former deputy State Department spokesman.




  1. Chad Pergram who covers Congress for FOX News revealed that Putin handed Trump documents that prove John Brennan was a Russian spy and traitor. He should be arrested and jailed for life.

  2. Who can forget Sandy Berger stuffing his pants with CLASSIFIED documents for his buddy Bill Clinton?! Do you think the little runt, John Brennan or the duffus, James Clapper is any better?! Of course the President should strip all the people listed above from these privelages! Obama/Holder clearly would of done the same thing had members of the Bush team done what these fiends are doing!

    • Clapper works for CNN and Brennan and the rest of the leakers for other media outlets. Why did it take President Trump so long to pull their security clearance?


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