Watch: White House Press Secretary Declines to Answer Mr. Turx About What “High Price” Israel Will Pay for Moving Embassy



  1. Jake posed his queries with respect.

    However, the basic question remains, if that is the proper place for him.

    We are in golus and we cannot forget that. We should keep a low profile.

    We do not need to copy others. We don’t need to be on tv and in the media to feel important and worthy. פונקט פארקערט. There is an inyan of tznius, which is a yesod of Yiddishkeit. It is not just for women, and not just about dress.

  2. Oy vey! Why would a Frum journalist ask such a thing ???
    Why highlight something that can make the president’s attitude toward Israel seem negative? Why? Why? Why?

    ESPECIALLY consider how pro Israel his actions have been. I mean do you need more slanted toward Israel than Nikki Haley, Bolton,and the 3 Frumme hidden he appointed to represent Israel?

    Why can’t ppl get that it’s beneficial for Trump to publicly talk objectively about Israel when he really Is so biased in its favor?

    Why not learn your lesson from the last famous (infamous? ) question he asked about yidden?

    Why? Why? Why?

  3. There are certain places Yidden don’t belong and sitting in the midst of sonai Yisroel and improperly attired females is one of them, even if it is the White House. As Dovid Hamelech wrote in the first perek of Tehillim, “B’moshav letzim lo yoshav.” What more needs to be said?

  4. Dear Mr. Turkletaub,
    I’m sure you mean well, however I just want to confirm that you are are speaking to Da’as Torah before you basically go on the world stage dressed in full Charaedi attire and challenge the President and/or his cabinet with tough questions pertaining to Yiddeshkeit and Israel. You are clearly taking serious risks and playing with fire. In my simple mind I cannot fathom what good can come out of these challenging questions to the president. Why not leave that for the rest of the news media. Wouldn’t we rather keep our relationship with the president and his family cordial? Isn’t that how we Yidden always conducted ourselves. Just seems to me if your dressed like one of us your’e probably best off keeping quiet. But hey if you were told by someone with da’as Torah to do this please let us know…
    Thanks and good luck.

  5. I read that hitler yemach shemoi saw a chosid spitting on the street and that fueled his hate of yidden more. This TURX guy is Just antagonizing Trump. All these heimisha people in prison are trying to get their freedom from Trump like Rubashkin did,but with this continuous antagonistic behavior by individuals dressed up as chassidim will not serve them well.


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