Watch: What Trump’s Border Wall Could Look Like


Jorge Perez, a billionaire real estate developer, has built structures around the world but will not build President Trump’s border wall stating it is “an insult to all Hispanics” and immigrants in the US.




  1. Another idiot who doesn’t realize that Liberal ideology doesn’t work in commerce. He would rather lose millions of dollars just to look like a self righteous fool? As if all his other money was earned ethically? Oh please. He obviously was not going to get the contract. Someone else low balled him. All these billionaires are the same. Soros, Buffet, Bl$$mberg, Wynn, etc… Whatever makes them money, is all good. We’ll have our lawyers /marketing team cover-up for us if the media finds out.

  2. Why don’t they ask Israel they have experience building beautiful walls for Israel and some of the Arab countries around them. This way they will get a true wall and one made well and useful instead of having people that are resentful and a wall not well made or functional.


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