Watch: What the “Women’s March” Was Really About



  1. the womans march is a good thing. its proof that democracy and freedom is respected under Trump. As Jews, although other forms of governments have worked for us, we have benefited a lot from democracy. It seems she’s the kind of person who would be friendly and tolerant however anti Israel politically she is. Israel survived a very anti Israeli Obama admin it probably would have survived a Hillery government its the cost of democracy and ultimately Hashem is control.

    • Peaceful protest is a good idea; the President has said so himself.

      Violent riots, property damage, and prust female “artists” spewing felony statements? Not so much…

  2. She doesn’t even realize how good she and her family and her “community” has it in this country. Besides for Israel there is not another democracy in the middle east. There’s no place in the middle east that she could get up and scream like she did on that platform. Does she remember that the muslims don’t value woman- in her “community” women are treated as second class citizens. She should get off her soap box and fight for the rights of women in the country she comes from. And if it’s so bad here she can go back to where her family is from.

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