Watch: What Can Law Enforcement Do To Prevent School Shootings?


Former CIA analyst Buck Sexton and former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino weigh in on ‘Fox News @ Night’ after 17 are killed in Florida school shooting.




    • I can’t believe that you think that Yeshivos are safer!
      Ifcha Mistabra – we, as Yidden, have targets painted on our backs.
      Something needs to be done to 1) better secure our mosdos and 2) keep guns out of the hands of lunatics.

  1. There needs to be armed guards or concealed carry individuals on school campuses to immediately shoot and kill an attacking intruder. Nothing else will work. You can’t prevent evil people from getting access to guns.

  2. The lawless Democrats who cannot get over their loss of Hillary as their President, as well as their leaders are to be blamed for this attack. They allowed and encourage violence from their constituents, starting at Trump’s inauguration. They allowed their constituents to destroy monuments, to make wild anti-Trump rallies and violent protests in Houston and other cities.

    The leaders and their constituents have no respect for the country and its citizens. They sit at the National Anthem, they sit when mentioning the American flag and sit when mentioning ‘In G-d We Trust’. All that the Democrats have done since the election, except for whining, is discussing Trump’s impeachment and/or assassination. The Democrats are definitely to be blamed for this terrible attack.

    • You’re right. You mean like Snoop Dogg acting out shooting to death President Trump??? You mean the fact that the complicit media covering up for Snoop because he’s BLACK and they don’t want to be called R A C I S I T S?! Is that what Eric Holder and his Thought Police have taught us? So if you are a Black person in America, you’re allowed to incite violence against white heterosexual males and get away with it???

    • You have got to be kidding.

      School shootings have been happening for far too long, under both Democrat and Republican presidencies and Congress. What will it take for you to internalize that this is now over FOUR HUNDRED people shot in schools since 2012 (Sandy Hook)?

  3. In most schools if they kept their doors locked after the last student enters, with designated teachers at most of the doors, the person has to ring themselves in and go to the office to be allowed inside would stop most of these shootings. They refuse to this simple procedure which would cost nothing and it would be immediate and no loans, school funds, etc. This would be cheap, but since everything has to be political now and everyone hates everyone there will be more school shootings and this way everyone can blame everyone.

    • Wouldn’t stop a student assailant, who has access to school. Need armed guards and teachers – get rid of “gun free zones”.

  4. Cheap words
    yet more zero action
    is causing even the last decent families to abandon the Public System furthering the balkanization
    of America

  5. @ Anonymous, have you visited a public school recently? I work at one. Yes, every door is locked. Yes, you need to ring in order to be let in. And yes, we are still in danger!! BTW, since the teachers are actually teaching they are not stationed at the doors during the day but they are there during arrival and dismissal.

  6. So the shooter will just wait at the door until someone exits. Nothing less than an armed guard at the entrances like in Israel will do


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