Watch: Washington Post Columnist: Trump Voters Are ‘Angry Whites’


What does race have to do with the immigration stance of Trump voters? Washington Post opinion writer Jennifer Rubin sounds off.




  1. Ugly.

    2016. The year that America has to drink out of the dog dish and the great minds of hate have taken the table of envy. Drink up folks. The toilet is coming soon.

    This is outrageous.

  2. Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that this is true, and Trump viters are ALL angry whites. What are they angry about? Perhaps there are good reasons for their outburst in electing the incoming president.
    Secondly, apparently these angry whites constitute the majority in their own country. Are they obligated to want millions of illegals, the vast majority of whom are uneducated and do not speak the language of the land, to become fellow citizens?
    Of course Liberalism includes equality, liberty and all the other nice slogans. Since when, though, are these values to be imbued by force? Would that, too, constitute freedom of thought? Twisting someone’s arm to see your liberal viewpoint is a contradiction in terms.

  3. So like liberals. If you don’t agree with then they call you names and they shame you. And of course you can’t shame these self inflated self righteous liars

  4. Not having a TV, I’d heard quite bit about Tucker Carlson, but never seen him. After seeing him in action (and without knowing anything about his interviewee, either), he’s clearly a bully who’s not interested in hearing what Jennifer Rubin has to say, but rather in putting words in her mouth, cutting her off and talking over her repeatedly trying to confuse her with with rapid changes of subject, and then getting the last word in and abruptly declaring the interview over.

    Whether or not she has a point to make and how well she’d make it is impossible to tell because he’s not interested in letting her speak. This style of “interview” isn’t journalism.

  5. And Hillary voters are angry blacks and illegals who are looking to take whatever the “angry whites” work for and we are sick of a government that thinks we work for them instead of the other way around

  6. Pieces of human debris who are upset that for once they couldn’t manipulate things in their favor and only content when people are smart enough to vote for them well guess what some people finally woke up and realize something that you people are totally dishonest and care about only your power

    • Holocaust studies would be a good idea for you. The human debris we know exist is always after a bombing in Israel. We have to take great care to clean it up. Do you think that comparing the honor of a human debate to a suicide killing is smart?

      Learn about Hitler and the third reich. They employed hate too to decry foul of the winning minds of the day. Most of them left Germany or were killed.

      I am glad we can discuss Human Debris. We can fear more in the light of a hate feeling from a president elected today.

      Sorry to hear your gripes with human courage.

  7. Clinton voters etc are angry,leftist anarchist. guaranteed. if left would’ve won there wouldn’t be republicans etx go out demonstrating, not to mention violent


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