Watch: Was Hillary Caught Using Hand Signals at Presidential Debate?


This video appears to show Hillary Clinton using hand signals to communicate with Lester Holt at the first presidential debate.




  1. To “chusid shoteh” what on earth would prompt any “frum” Jew to vote for this corrupt lying piece of trash and as ft as paranoia goes that I guess shows some more of your honesty the media has stated quite clearly that they will do anything to knock out trump
    If conservative journalists made such statements about Clinton there would be an uproar but u guys r not honest enough to admit any of your hypocrisies

  2. # 2 I guess you want America to sink deeper and deeper.
    אל תקרי הילרי אלא חולרי. we had enough with both of the Clintons – so much damage, lies, theft etc. that were unreasonably tolerated by the FBI and the justice department. There must be something very serious and very disturbing reasons behind it.
    Therefor I wouldn’t be surprised if this speculation will be found to be true

  3. Run fast republicans. She is going to lap him with a twitch of the nose.

    We are going to have to nip this one in the humanity it unsettles. Republican conspiracy theory!

  4. I honestly do not know who to vote for. Don’t any of you try to convince me by pointing out how terrible the other candidate is. That we know. I just don’t know who’s w o r s e.

  5. There’s so much to legitimately criticize about her – personal unethical behavior and dishonesty, professional failures – and instead someone spent the time editing this video clip to make her critics look like paranoid loons.
    Nicely done, DNC.

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