Watch: US Economy Is On Its Longest Job Creating Streak Ever


Employers added more jobs for the 93rd month in a row; Fox Business Network’s Hillary Vaughn reports from Los Angeles.




  1. Fake news. The only true conservative in this Country, Jeb Bush, would of had much much better numbers. Trump is a disgrace and should step down.

  2. Obama, you left behind a massive unemployment rate of 23%. And on June 1, 2016, you said on Trump: “There is no magic wand to bring back jobs. Jobs are just not coming back.” So what do you say to this, Obama?

  3. The Labor unemployment has been severely undercounted since the BLS dropped underemployed and those who stopped looking for work as unemployed. The Labor participation rate has been around 63% for the past 8 years, meaning that unemployment is at 37%, not 3.7%. Notice, no one talks about what jobs are being created.


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