Watch: Urgent Message from Yeshiva of Waterbury’s Rosh HaYeshiva



  1. Strong strong message. But HOWWW??????????? How do parents increase their enjoyment? A: Through gaining a deeper understanding of yiddishkeit as taught by the great masters of Chassidus and Kabbalah. (Nefesh Hachaim can do this for us to, except our yeshivos forget about the first three she’arim for some crazy and silly reason. Do you know how different our yeshivos would look if every bochur knew the first three shearim in nefesh hachaim inside out. A different world. Instead, yiddishkeit is TORAH TORAH and more Torah, while people forget about tefillah, HASHEM, shabbos, eretz yisrael, tzaddikim, moshiach, yom tov, and the myriad other fascets of our religion.

  2. Dear Gerrer Chossid, through being ameil in Torah, a person perfects himself in all areas, and gains knowledge and perfection in all areas. Im not aware that yeshivos ignore any of the things you mentioned. To the contrary, just step into any of the major yeshivos during davening and take notice of the kavana of the bochurim. Tzaddikim are revered and looked upon with awe in the Yeshiva world.

    But Torah is the main thing, “ki haim chayainu v’orech yamainu’. “Aitz chaim hi l’machazikim bah”. And a person gains enjoyment in Torah by constant chazarah, and through holding on to your Torah and knowing it well. Anyone who reviews his Torah constantly and knows it well, is guaranteed to enjoy it. Of course you have to daven for it as well in Birchas Hatorah.


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