Watch: Uber Driver Catches 240 Green Lights, A Potential World Record


The Verge reports: On December 6th, Uber driver Noah Forman claims he drove from Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem to Washington Square Park in downtown Manhattan, then back up to 59th street, across to Second Avenue, and back downtown to the Bowery at Prince Street before hitting a single red light. That’s 240 green lights in a row, for a 27-minute nonstop drive through New York City at about 3:30 in the morning.

Forman told The New York Daily News that his personal best before that night was 186 green lights. All of these things seem nearly impossible — the 186 green lights, the 240 green lights, the decision to drive a car down Fifth Avenue during holiday tourist season, the decision to drive a car down Fifth Avenue given the fact that it is home to a president-elect who does not count his home city’s drivability among his very few concerns. Yet, here is a video (sped up!).

Is it real? We don’t know, and neither does the NYC Department of Transportation. A spokesperson told The Verge that the DOT “cannot attest to this video, given we are unsure of its accuracy.”




  1. Absolutely fascinating. I can watch this video over and over all day long. No question about it. This is definitely authentic. The music in the background is just out of this world. So smart. So intelligent. Journalism at its best.
    By the way, i have exclusive rights to the Brooklyn Bridge. Thank you Matzav for losing all of your marbles and imploding before our very eyes.

  2. this must be the season of miracles.why just last night in Flatbush I made 3 green lights in a row. just kidding it was only 2.


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