Watch: TV Report On Why “Orthodox Abstain From Israeli Independence Day”


Yanki Farber, a writer for a religious Jewish news website, talks to i24 News’ Ayman Sikseck and Calev Ben-David about why some Orthodox Jews in Israel refuse to be recruited into military service.



  1. Why should any Jew join an army that’s anti Torah. An army that allows Toeiva behavior. This is an anti Torah army turning jewish girls into sluts.

      • מה ענין שמיטה אצל הר סיני
        What does the Beis Hamikdosh have to do with an immoral, G-dless, Torahless army where religious Jews should not step foot in?

  2. The army also has many rabbis, kosher kitchens, and shiurim.

    Do you look at the glass as half full or half empty?

    • The immorality, G-dlessness and anti-Torah laws overrides it 100%. Religious Jews have no business joining such an army.
      The “rabbis” you’re referring to are like “rabbi Stern” – a joke of a “rabbi”. “Kosher kitchen” where religious Jews should not it from. Check your “facts” before you write.

      • Ah, the “No True Landsman” argument. A koifer / meshumad / chazzer-fresser’s opinion doesn’t count, and I declare anyone who disagrees with me all of the above.

  3. Given we mark the date by this world.

    Jews are special. Let many want

    Daven. Its more important. We do not lead the value of a new state. We are the stare.

    Growth sees how this incorporated celebration is useful to Israeli business. It is not the religious mission.

  4. Israel’s only “Independence” is by concocting their own laws and going against Hashem’s laws, His Torah.
    Just like Israel was never a Democratic country like the western world (judicial court is proof), Israel is “independent” by being “dependent” on American and the UN. Ha! Ha! Ha!

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