Watch: TV Report On Gas Explosion That Causes Evacuations In Lakewood, NJ


Dozens of homes were evacuated in an Ocean County, New Jersey, community Monday as crews investigated a report of a fire and gas explosion, officials say. A call about a two-alarm fire near Second Street and Forest Avenue in Lakewood Township came in around 8 a.m. Monday. NJ Natural Gas says a contractor installing a sewer line struck a natural gas main in the area. Its crews were on scene within 15 minutes and able to turn off the valve, rendering the area safe.




  1. When things like this happen to our communities, I believe that Hashem is showing His disapproval of the machlokes that is causing so much anger and hatred towards each other. It is a wake up call for all of us to stop the hatred of fellow Jews who may disagree with our viewpoint. Let’s work together and love each other as one family. This past week there were many posts about different topics (ie, vaccines, Pittsburgh shooting)that brought on so much hate, anger and misunderstandings. Before we judge others, find out the facts, ask questions, and talk to your Rav. Please stop the hate and do what Hashem expects from us: V’ahavata lareicha kamocha!


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