Watch: Turx Appears on Al Jazeera at Trump Inauguration



  1. I object to Jake’s comments at around 3:20, saying ‘my community, the orthodox Jewish community, voted overwhelmingly for Trump.’

    1) Some parts of the orthodox community voted overwhelmingly against Trump, e.g. Modern Orthodox (not that I am part of that group, but facts are facts). Other parts may have backed Trump, but not overwhelmingly so.

    2) The orthodox community is not a single, monolithic entity.

    3) He is not a representative of the community.

    • Sorry FYI…………..You’re absolutely wrong.

      The Orthodox (Torah Observant) Community overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump for President. Only a few welfare recipients in our Community voted otherwise because they felt that their monthly welfare checks and food stamps would dry up if the DemocRATS lost the election.

  2. Turx was very good. He spoke very articulately. He didn’t make a fool of himself. He sounds a little like Shmuely Boteach. Last year Turx was at Obama’s Chanukah party. Now he’s supporting Trump. Nu nu, politics.

  3. What’s soo great is that based on the way he looks, they thought they found someone that would make a fool out of himself. They would then show it over and over making a mockery out of frum jews in general. “Al Tskalkal B’Kankan…”


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