Watch: Tucker: Why Is Washington United Behind A War In Syria?


Tucker: Virtually all of official Washington, Republicans and Democrats, have united behind the idea that the United States has a moral obligation to go deeper into war in Syria after a suspected gas attack. Yet, our merely asking obvious questions, we are told to shut up and just obey.




  1. Tucker is right, Assad was not behind the gas attack. Not that he’s a big tzaddik but logically he wouldn’t do it now just as Trump announced pulling his troop out. The Left are cruel, cold-blooded and just want to destroy the world. Did you notice how every single Fake News are parroting the same words brainlessly and evilly?

  2. Remember when it was reported that US weapons stockpile used by ISIS was found in Syria, indicating that Obama, the Deep State and CIA were arming ISIS to topple the Syrian government? Well, these Jihadists with the help of the DS and CIA are behind the chemical weapons in Syria now too – not Assad nor Russia. Hope Trump gets to his senses and doesn’t allow the Neocons to have the power over him.

  3. I don’t think he’s right here. It is in our interest to shut down Russian/Iranian unhinged aggression, while officially only targeting “Syria”.


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