Watch: Tucker: Progressives Hate Trump So Much, They Dislike The US


Tucker: Liberals have gone insane. While you were grilling in the backyard last night, they were plotting a coup. Progressives despise Trump so much, they’ve begun to dislike the country that elected him. Hate has clouded their vision and distorted their values.




  1. The Liberals/Democrats are behaving just like the Germans before WWII and we better stop them immediately before they become worse.

    • And they still want Hitlery as their leader in 2020. Why isn’t this criminal-in-chief in jail yet, anyhow?

  2. ‘progressives’ hate this country from before and want to make it communist . they hate trmp with passion becaue he was elected and hes hindering. hes not afraid of anyone and does what is right .obama (‘citizensz of the world etc ‘shtuss)thought hillary would continue to run this country aground but trump got in the way


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