Watch: Tucker: John Brennan Is Unhinged


Tucker: Would you want a person who casually accused people of murder, without evidence, to get a security clearance? Ex-CIA Director John Brennan is no different. In a statement released today, Brennan called the loss of his clearance an effort to suppress freedom of speech. But Brennan is the one who believes words alone are a form of treason, and should get you sent to prison.


  1. How did America trust a Muslim and Communist to be a CIA Director in the first place? Now that Putin revealed to President Trump that this evil man Brennan was a Russian spy shouldn’t he be arrested and jailed for good? Who’s talking about security clearance? This traitor who was the mastermind behind the Russian spygate, no doubt, leaked secret information to the enemies of America and he’s on the loose. And he has the nerve about talking about betrayal.

  2. Brennan who voted Communist in 1976 Presidential election when Carter was running and was still elected as CIA Director in 1980 should be arrested immediately before he tries to run back to Moscow as he tried in 2016.


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