Watch: Tucker: Dems Embraced Dark Side Of Politics To Win Virginia


Tucker’s Thoughts: Democrats exploited racial fears and deepened tribal divisions with ugly ad that portrayed Republicans as racists who want hunt down and murder nonwhite children. Expect Dems to imitate this politics of racial hatred strategy in future campaigns. #Tucker




  1. The shameful anti-Gillespie ad will enter the pantheon of political demonization on par with the infamous 1964 “Daisy” ad that basically said Barry Goldwater, if elected, would start a nuclear war.

  2. The ad wasn’t far off accuracy. There are certainly many Trumpets who don’t have much use for brown or hijab wearing kids. They haven’t got much use for us either.
    Blaming a race war on the lefties here his hilarious. At least be honest.

    • You couldn’t be more wrong. Gillespie strongly and unequivocally condemned the racists who (unfortunately) support President Trump. Furthermore, Gillespie isn’t particularly close to Trump, to the extent that Trump said Gillespie’s loss was because he “…did not embrace me or what I stand for”. Gillespie is a mainstream conservative Republican, not a racist by any stretch of the immagination. The ad that shows a pickup truck adorned with his bumper sticker attempting to run down innocent immigrant kids (much like a terrorist ran down innocent bikers in lower Manhattan) was the dirtiest I’ve seen in years.

    • Yes, but Gillespie is considered a very moderate Rino. He is far from being a racist. And that is the point. Even if a “Republican” tries to go to the left and act as if he is a Democrat, it won’t help. He will be scorned and termed racist even if he is far from being one. The hatred that the Democrats have for ANY Republican, is terrible.


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