Watch: Trump’s Greatest Legal Jeopardy May Be In Southern District Of New York, Not Russia Collusion


Michael Cohen testifies about relationship with President Trump; Catherine Herridge reports.



  1. Gateway Pundit) – Candace Owens taunted Michael Cohen Wednesday morning after Trump’s former lawyer testified that Donald Trump is a “racist” and a “con man.”
    Michael Cohen, a convicted liar who was just disbarred, testified in a public Congressional hearing on Wednesday.
    In his opening statement, Cohen called President Trump a “racist” a “con man” and “a cheat.”
    Candace Owens immediately dropped in with a little surprise.
    Ms. Owens tweeted out a private Twitter message Michael Cohen sent her last summer and asked, “Should I go nuclear on Michael Cohen?”
    “Should I go nuclear on Michael Cohen Who I know from years ago and who tried to approach me last summer to help “change the narrative” (also known as LIE) about the President?” Owens asked, adding, “Because I’m thinking I should. This coward plotted this entire “racist” lie to save himself.”


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