Watch: Trump Supporter Buys Billboard, Slams ABC News


Texas businessman speaks out on ‘Fox & Friends.’




  1. We need more people with his courage. Trump has woken up the American people to start paying attention and become aware of the immense corruption in our government we trusted blindly.

      • How does Trump’s tax return and business empire affect my pocket?! Unlike the Washington elites who derive their power and wealth by being charitable with my money.

      • I haven’t seen what kind of napkins he uses when he eats dinner with his wife and son. Also what brand tissues does he have in his personal bathroom? Scotties? Kleenex? Puffs? Aspen?
        Do you know?

        • Woman blasted. Man gravitated to hidden assets.

          Smart. It is a blessing and maybe the right war. Should we reverse the woman’s right to vote now too?

          There is no reason he was elected other than he was a man and she was a woman. In any sense, I might add your concerns, but if a man ran against Trump, I do not think he would have won.

          Too much hate concession.


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