Watch: Trump On Putin Summit: We Came To A Lot Of Good Conclusions


On ‘Hannity,’ President Trump takes Americans inside his meeting with the Russian president. The president says he and Putin are getting very close on Syria and discussed the threat of ISIS.



  1. Mr. President, you said that “the US relations with Russia have never been worse”. And then added, “that just changed about four hours ago.”
    Do you really think the CIA and Deep State are pleased with this change? No. They want the US to go into war with Russia. Just because… ESPECIALLY NOW that Putin meddled in US affairs and exposed the enormous corruptions of the CIA and Deep State.

  2. It would be more interesting to know what was said in their 2hour meeting, that they didn’t have outside note taker, so there would be no leaks to their secret discussion. Who Knows if we will ever know what they said in secret.


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