Watch: Trump: I Am A Nationalist And Proud Of It


President Trump says Saudi Arabia has been maybe the biggest investor in the U.S. Trump also says he loves the U.S. and it has taken second fiddle.




    • If so, what would you call Obama? If only you would care about your Jewish brethren as much President Trump cares about all the people in the US.

      • He does not care for most of the people in the United States. He is willing to remove healthcare coverage on pre-existing conditions. Is that caring?
        He doesn’t care for any of the minority communities in the US or for the middle class or for legal immigrants….
        Many of his actions have harmed them.
        Stop spouting ridiculous cliches “MAGA” and start seeing the reality.

  1. Mr. President, we know you’re a Nationalist and cares for each and every one of us which is why the entire nation – excluding the lawless violent ones – love you.

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