Watch: Trump Downplays Idea He Would Sit For A Mueller Interview


Sources tell Fox News that despite the president’s newly articulated position, his legal team expects there will be an agreement for some sort of a sit-down with the special counsel in the coming weeks; John Roberts has the roundup for ‘Special Report.’




  1. Who will the CIA and Deep State assassinate first; President Trump or Julianne Assange? They’re both high on their assassination list.

    PRESIDENT TRUMP NEEDS OUR PRAYERS NOW MORE THAN EVER. May Hashem guard him and protect him. According to alternative news, the CIA and Deep State are planning another 9/11 attack any day now to assassinate the President.

    • If the CIA’s fabricated Russian collusion was refuted and found to be a hoax and Trump’s mental fitness was proven to be far better than previous presidents, how else can you get rid of a president who dares bring morality, law and order back to America? Hence, their only option left is assassination.


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