Watch: Trump Collusion Narrative Shifts To Clinton And Democrats


The ‘Special Report’ All-Star panel weighs in.




  1. No, no, no, Julie, the reason the Russian investigation existed in the first place WAS because of the dossier by the anti-Trump.

    Eli’s entire speech is Leftist nonsense. Trump’s people used the stolen emails? What in the world is he talking about when everyone knows the emails were stolen by a DNC member Seth Rich whom they murdered and Trump’s people got it from Wikileaks.

    Don Jr’s meeting with the Russian lawyer who works for George Soros was a setup to entrap him. She officially called him to discuss Russian policy. She was planning on telling him that she has more dirt on Hillary that she would make available but her setup didn’t work out as planned because he came along with 8 people.

    Is Hillary’s paid Dossier or the Uranium One that Hillary gave Russia the reason for Russian sanctions?


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