Watch: Touro President Urges Public to Help Stop Measles Outbreak



  1. Its a bad camera angle which is why you dont see his yarmulka. He is very much frum and straightforward. and his family if frum
    He is an md as well
    And he is not owned by big pharma
    Dont be stupid and get your kids vaccinated

  2. He is frum and wears a yarmulke. You don’t need to be an idiot just because you can’t see the yarmulke in an 8 second video clip.

  3. The study on 600,000 that is mentioned in this video compared children who got all the vaccines but not MMR, with children who got all the vaccines including MMR. The rates of autism in both groups was basically the same, with a slight increase in the latter group that was considered statistically insignificant.
    This may prove that MMR in and of itself does not cause a rise in autism, but it does not answer the question of whether any other vaccines, or all the vaccines combined together, that are given to young children in a short amount of time can cause a rise in autism in susceptible children.
    It is hard to tell parents whose normal child came in for a well-visit and got one or more vaccines, and then started to regress that day or shortly thereafter, that the vaccine(s) did not possibly cause this regression.


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