WATCH: Thousands in Boro Park Say “Shema Yisroel” With SM Rubashkin Following His Release



  1. MAZEL TOV! MAZEL TOV! MAZEL TOV! I (non-Lubavtsch and not a relative nor an acquaintance of his) davened so much for him. The best news heard in a long time. Mizmor lesoda! Thank you Hashem and please give the cruel anti-Semitic judge the punishment she justly deserves.

  2. I can’t believe this finally happened! Yishtabach Shemo!

    Matzav, thank you for posting this video of such a beautiful kiddush Hashem.

  3. We have many others imprisoned. ..can we work as hard for them as.well? Can we try? I am beyond happy, but what about our others brothers behind bars.?


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