Watch This: World-Class Magicians Penn & Teller Give a Lesson in Misdirection Using a Vanishing Chicken


The Longest-running Las Vegas act in history, Penn & Teller, impresses Jimmy and the Tonight Show audience with a vanishing chicken and a lot of misdirection.



  1. What is the criteria for your posting on Matzav? Will someone use this post as a starting point down a slippery slide?

  2. stop!!!!!!!! a little kosher entertainment is not going to hurt anyone. You come to Matzav STRICTLY for news? Negativity is not gonna get you anywhere. If you don’t like such posts, don’t waste you time posting comments about it! And, a gutten zummer!

  3. There wasn’t a real chicken in there. It was an allusion on a cloth that was blowing in the wind. The first and second gorilla were NOT the same. The gorilla that popped out at the end, was in the box the entire time. Yes, behind the purple sheet.


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