WATCH THIS: With Passage of First Reading of Chareidi Draft Bill, Hafgana in Yerushalayim Blocks Egged Bus



  1. is this an anti chareidy website?
    instead of reporting “thousands of charedim hold prayer gathering led by gedolim to cry out to Hashem against the israeli gov new law that requires drafting over 50,000 charedim to the secular army” u write this?

    • You’re right. especially that there were at least 15,000 people at the hafganah with loads of gedolei yisrael demonstrating the government’s shmad movement.

  2. Ok, someone is clearly looking to promote a hate filled discussion here, right in the beginning of the 3 weeks.
    If you would have the guts to post the complete story, including all the Sefardi Gedolim who participated, then you have a claim.
    But just picking and choosing hit news peices to promote engagement on your site is plain out wrong.
    Grow up Matzav.

    • Matzav has become a left wing rag recently. They were threatened by the militant toeivah community and they folded like a cheap camera. They threw out the window all their Torah values. For shame. Their new hero is Yair Lapid. They are all for “equality”. Pheh.

  3. The Chareidi draft problem could be solved in an instant. They just need to change the word “Yeshiva” to “University” and VOILA! no drafting. The government would not discriminate and draft chareidim if they wouldn’t draft the 50% secular draft dodgers which they haven’t for years because they’re “studying in university”.


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