Watch: This Short Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Clip Shows All The Liberal Agendas She Advocates For


WATCH: This short Alexandria Ocasio Cortez clip includes the young congresswoman advocating for:

– 70% income tax for top income earners
– Elimination of all fossil fuel
– Elimination of all carbon emissions
– Force all Americans to drive electric cars
– Compares herself to Lincoln freeing slaves


  1. She is civic. For Gamorreh.

    This woman gets it. Her blood is a pillar of goat hate.

    Disease of the 14th district.

    What a fang she has for jewish turning felt dream. A hate.

    • The grumbling in my stomach is not so much for all the gluten intake I had over Shabbos but rather from the ignorant hate emanating from this sad human. Don’t get fooled by her white teeth. I doubt she brushes them that often. TV interviews brush everything.

  2. She’s worse than radical. She lives in la-la land. The problem is that these idiots and their supporters are the ones with loudest mouths.

  3. She is a naive child. Hopefully.the few remaining adults among the Democrats will out her in her place over the next two years. After that, she can go find a real job.

  4. She merely speaks what “moderate” DemocRats think. Continue listening to “askanim” and vote Democrat, enjoy the consequences.

  5. She’s not stupid, but she’s stunningly, jaw-droppingly ignorant. Her positions are comparable to those of an earnest high-schooler who first learns of communism and says “Wow – what a great idea!”
    BTW, the sound is out of sync with the video.

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