WATCH THIS: Road Rage in Brooklyn – And a Frum Guy Tries to Make Peace



  1. People are crazy!! I don’t care whose fault it was I hope they can track down the person in the white car using the licence plate number. He could have killed the guy.

  2. Agree with Moshe 100%. Is it worth potentially making ur kids orphans just to be a ‘hero’ for minute breaking up two brawling out of control hoodlums ? People get shot and killed routinely over Road rage . Seriously . this hero culture is out of control.

  3. Dangerous criminal loose in the street, you could see that the criminal stole the victims car keys and took off almost killing the guy.

  4. The frum man is a posheya. He put his life in danger. He mixed in where he shouldn’t of. His responsibility was to call 911 and try to flag down a cop. That’s it. There is no heter to be a cowboy.

  5. The frum guy probably judged them by his own non violent standards. It was probably a spur of the moment thing and he would likely have not done it had he realized how violent they are. I think we can give him a pass on good intentions.

  6. See Orchos Chaim l’Harosh who says clearly “If you see two people fighting -stay out, because the two will eventually stop, but you will walk out the loser”.

  7. I would of done the same thing this frum guy did. These two goyim seemed to be afraid of each other. They needed the frum guy to break it up. He did well.

  8. Mixing in in a fight of two goyim is completely different than two yidden fighting RL” , between yidden this act would have been the ideal since we have to be Ohev Sholom rodef sholom.

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