WATCH THIS: On Free Slurpee Day, Line at Monsey 7-11 Store Snakes Around Entire Store



  1. Yup, this just falls perfectly into the stereotype that Yidden will do anything to get something for FREE. Nebach

    • I was in a 7-11 in downtown Baltimore today and there was a line (not jews). EVERYONE wants things for free, because why wouldn’t you take free stuff?

  2. I don’t understand. 7-11 is having a promotion. People are taking them up on it, which they want, otherwise they wouldn’t have it. One in a densely populated area has a lot of people taking advantage of the promotion. What is the issue?

  3. I don’t understand why this man has issues.
    On free slurpee day walk into any establishment and see people coming in for the free drink.

    Hidden or non Jews. It makes no difference.

  4. The 7-11 location with the highest Slurpee sales is in Oak Park, MI. That store has held the distinct record for well over a decade of which I am certain.
    The location is next to the Kollel, across the street from a boys yeshiva, and close to a dense Jewish community.
    I know this as they are a client of mine.

  5. In black areas you will have lines of blacks. What’s the big deal. Now if you look closely you won’t see real chareidim on line. Real chassidim or Yeshivash adults don’t go for slurpys. It’s not real heimish. You won’t find a Rebbe or rosh yeshiva eating pizza or sushi normally either unless he gets stuck in the Thai caves.

  6. To the poster: You end your clip with “That’s ridiculous”. What’s ridiculous? That you couldn’t wait on line like everyone else? Don’t go to 7-11 on 7-11 even if you want to pay for one.

  7. If it bothers 7-11 to give away so many free slurpees they wouldn’t do it. So why bother putting out this article about it?

  8. a slurpee costs a dollar for crying out loud. i have no money but would still not subject myself to waiting on line for even 15 minutes to get a free slurpee. what a waste of precious time .

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