WATCH THIS: NISSIM: Frum Girl Survives Cab Crash After Driver Has Heart Attack


This morning, at 8:09 a.m., a New York livery cab driver suffered a heart attack while operating his vehicle.

The driver, who is said to be in stable condition, lost control, driving onto a sidewalk and slamming into a young frum girl waiting for her school bus at 55th Street and Eighteenth Avenue in Boro Park, Brooklyn.

It is a neis that the girl suffered nothing more than a fractured leg. She was treated at Maimonides Medical Center.




  1. REMEMBER: Daven to Hashem every time you send your dear kids out the house. Daven that they come back alive and safe. It’s crazy scary.
    Daven that the taxi you’re riding in is driven by a healthy driver. Many times I hold my breath watching the old folks driving while shaking and all.
    REMEMBER to Thank Hashem each day that everyone is alive and safe.

  2. It sure was not terrorism. They would target a crowded area where people stand to inflict mass casualty. Not a lone random girl. To all those questioning why the video is being showed is to show the nissim of hashem.

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