WATCH THIS: Neturei Karta Protest Alongside Palestinians at Israel Day Parade



  1. What’s worse than Nk with arabs is the modern and open orthodox crowd marching with the gays. The parade organizers are lefty establishment types and banned meir kahane JDL group from marching but let these perverted gays march last three years. Chutzpah.

  2. So every time these guys do something stupid we gonna have to read about it?? Just leave it alone already we know what these guys are all about

  3. What’s there to watch? Just because they’re wearing black hats and black suits they’re no different than liberal leftists walking alongside Palestinian terrorist. By the way, who says they’re not liberal leftists dressed up in chareidi attire with fake payos provocateurs? How do you know they’re not?

  4. These tzigelach are demented, and possibly potur from mitzvos. The true blame lies with a certain chasidus, who supports these fools financially, using them as tools for doing what they themselves are too embarrassed to do.

    • Yes. They are useful idiots. They clearly have emotional issues that weren’t delt with. They are too handicapped to realize they are being had. Nonetheless, Matzav and the others should stop giving them any publicity.

      • so? how does their comment disagree with yours? are modern orthodox incapable of having yeshiva students? what and according to you does reits not produce rabbis?

  5. Satmar isn’t far from NK. But what these people don’t realize is that it’s too late the medina is here and we can’t undo it.
    And if there is c”s problems in another country I want to see where they will run to.

    • Rav Henkin the posek was against Zionism before the state. and made a complete 180 so did agudah of america. in the late 1940s

      before zionism succeeded is one thing. but after the fact. how can someone actively try to dismantle a Jewish country??

  6. Say what you want about Nk,but the lefty secular Jews are the real danger. G-d will not destroy Israel because some Nk people are protesting. But having a rebellion against the Torah with open gay parades and Just today at the parade some israeli official announced that forty per cent of Tel Aviv is gay. The increasing chillul shabbos in israel is reason for concern. 225 stores open in Yerushalayim on shabbos. The Torah warns us that the land will vomit us out. Nk is zero dangerous for israel.

  7. I see why real religious Jews boycott this parade. The marchers are not dressed tzniyosdig,hired bands of non jewish females not dressed properly according to jewish law as well as women singers on floats and even the gay synagogue or rather tuma as well as the open orthodox crowd. It’s not a place for a frum Jew. Eventually it’s going to fall by the wayside as the children of those funding uja intermarry.

  8. I did not and would not attend such an event. Even so protesting by it is very wrong.

    During his major fight against Heichal Shlomo the Brisker Rov was asked about protesting at a pro Heichal Shlomo gathering. He answered “arayngain bei yenem iz terror” (going into someone else’s place to protest is terrorism)

    If there was a specific issue the parade was promoting I could understand a counter protest. Being that the overwhelming majority of those who attended did so simply as a sincere show of solidarity and support of other Yidden it is extremely wrong to protest at such a event.

    Those who are interested in Kovod Shmayim and showing the path of Torah can go there and ask people in they are interested in something like Partners In Torah. If even a hundredth of a percent says yes they will accomplish an enormous amount for Hashem and Torah

    This protest does the opposite. R”L


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