Watch This: Liberal Host Chokes Up Over Illegal Alien Babies


Liberal cable news show host MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow choked up as she delivered news that babies of illegal aliens have been sent to shelter.

Maddow described what’s happening to the youngest children who are being separated from their parents at the U.S. border with Mexico. She later apologized and shared the script she was attempting to read when she was overcome with emotion. “Ugh, I’m sorry. If nothing else, it is my job to actually be able to speak while I’m on TV,” wrote Maddow on Twitter. Her script read: “Trump administration officials have been sending babies and other young children forcibly separated from their parents to at least three ‘tender age’ shelters in South Texas.”



  1. So Rachel Maddow is choking up because Trump is sending babies to tender age shelters instead of to Planned Parenthood Murder Organization.

  2. MSNBC is a far-left news organization that hates everything Republican. Rachel Maddow is even more left wing than her network and doesn’t even bother hiding her disdain for President Trump. That said, I see no reason to mock her for being nothing more than a human being with feelings who’s deeply affected by the terribly sad stories of screaming, terrified children being forcibly taken from their parents.

    • “I see no reason to mock her for being nothing more than a human being with feelings” Where do you see her feelings? I see fake choking. She has 0% integrity. Had she really had feelings she’d cry for all the corruptions posted on here. She’s a first class faker and you’re a first class fool for being a sheeple.

      • Even though she is fake, children and babies should not be taken away from their parents for no reason (chayav misa?) and if we really must, we already have reasons to mock Ms Maddow, without resorting to the most decent thing she may so far have shown on tv.
        Of course former president Obama did the same (in smaller numbers) and lib-dems said nothing. They only notice now. Good, it brought this to the attention of president Trump who just signed an executive order.

    • Hello do u not realize that these invaders, interlopers, encroachers, border jumpers & skippers are breaking the law by coming into the US, y would u agree with her when she’s having sympathy 4 law breakers, they’re supposed 2 be coming into the US legally not Illegally it’s their own fault of their own that this is happening & ur siding with this Moron Lib who feels bad 4 them, they’re not supposed 2 be entering our country Illegally, y would u side with her, if I brake into ur house then I get arrested would u feel bad 4 me that the police handcuffed me, same thing here they are breaking into the US unlawfully that’s the main thing here & ur saying it’s not nice what they’re doing 2 the families ? Stop coming into our country Illegally then this won’t happen, are u such a messed up lib that u agree with her, u got big issues, once u take that into consideration u won’t look @ it the way u do, u will c how these Illegal Ailens are trying 2 use children 4 their own selfish reasons 2 enter in Illegally & get all city state & Federal benefits, that’s the name of the game, not with President DT, Build The Wall Deport Them All, both the bad 1s & the 1s who are not committing crimes just living peacefully, they are both law breakers bec they came Illegally into the US, every sec they are here they are commiting a crime, make that very clear

  3. Did this liberal loony choke up when Obama held more than double the number of children in shelters compared to Trump? WHAT A HYPOCRITE!

  4. Aspiring Mexican Illegal to Friend: “I want to go to USA to enjoy all the free stuff, but Trump is tough hombre and they’ll just send me back, what should I do?”
    Friend: “Bring your kid. Makes them the bad guy.”

  5. I wonder if she’d cry for all the young children who were killed by illegals that their parents will never ever see again

  6. did shr choke up for the murdered people by m13 , drug overdoses supplied by illegal which is much much! any way there no question its an ACT

  7. Y do you promote these rotten people whose emotions only show up when it helps their politics They also get emotional when pals trash gets killed who cares

  8. Did I hear correctly? Did she ask to make sure they have the graphic picture showing of her crying? Wow I wonder where those onions were how close to her eyes

  9. Oh please. If these children were all murdered by planned parenthood, she would be happy. You kind of lose moral credibility when you argue for murder.

  10. Being that she feels so bad maybe she go to Mexico find some people to work in her home, pay the legal fees for them and their children’s legalization. Ah, no. No surprise there. She really is only crying because Trump is president the kids are just a convenient prop.

  11. Did this worthless piece of fake shed any tears when her G-d, Barack Obama, had Brian Terry MURDERED thru his “Fast & furious” gun-walking scandal???!
    Did this dog shed any tears when Steve Scalise was shot by one of HER peers???!

  12. Matzav is advertised as being the ‘online voice of Torah Jewry’. I believe its constituency should live up to that name and not behave like a pack of bloodhounds – regardless of who is ‘in the right’ -. We definitely have a higher calling than name-calling.

  13. what about the children of real live citizens whose parents have been jailed due to crimes they have committed? illegal aliens have committed crimes against our country. they get away with it by bringing in children who get everything they need as a reward for the crimes of their parents. so, what are those ‘parents’ actually teaching these kids? crime does pay

  14. Why wonder about Ms. Maddow. She has too much rye and no working humor for the wit of a society that refuses abomination.

    I get it, she is against the coordinated White House. I guess so. Maybe we just should watch her in discretion. She will not wear a necklace to make the woman of her womanhood appear humane to the nice culture that wants to impress a straight woman with the honor of house and wealth.

    Ask not what you can do for your country. Take a good look in the mirror, marry someone of the worst sex your own and endorse it to the ages. Pretty simple. The abominations today are so scary that even Nero would fiddle with a brass harp. It would be harder to burn Rome down when you can burn the rest of the world in the same fiddle.

    Still, she is really a nice gal. Willing to bet she will not make me wear a yellow star or appear in public without a budget to buy a hot dog.

    All the damned have eyes. Keep the television on. Cracked comedy from the divine.


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