Watch: The Real Reason Boeing’s New Plane Crashed Twice


This isn’t just a computer bug. It’s a scandal.



  1. What I see here is (1) an airplane design problem that Boeing’s software workaround didn’t solve, plus (2) operator unfamiliarity that Boeing’s training didn’t prevent. What I and the makers of the video don’t know is (3) whether or not some new workaround combined with better training can reliably solve the problem. That’s for the FAA to decide once Boeing offers its plan and supporting data for in-depth FAA consideration.

  2. What’s more shocking is the gullibility of these pro vaxxers who believe that a jumbo jet flew at ground level going 600 miles an hour into the Pentagon on Sep 11th even though the hole in the wall was not nearly enough room to fit a plane thru. No wings, wheels, luggage, body remains of passengers, or debris. Not a single family in the entire Nation ever admitted to losing a loved one at the Pentagon on 9/11. No names. Nothing. Boy, these Arabs make unbelievable super fantastic pilots.

    • The Pentagon never existed. Washington DC never existed. People can’t fly, they don’t have wings. Anybody who disagrees with me is just a hypnotized sheeple. Don’t waste my time trying to change my mind, you’re all just brainwashed sheeple. LA LA LA LALALALALA, my fingers are in my ears and I can’t hear you!

    • To let’s roll: the names of passengers and crew who died on American airlines flight 77 are inscribed on a memorial at the Pentagon. Their photographs can be viewed on line as well.

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