WATCH: The Likely, Frightening Path Devorah Stubin a”h Took That Ended in Tragedy


devorah stubinReposted: In the following video, we are given an idea of what may have occurred to Devorah Stubin a”h, whose tragic passing has plunged the frum community into mourning (see here and here).

Devorah had been missing since Thursday. Her car was founded submerged in the Passaic River late Shabbos afternoon.


{ Newscenter}


  1. This seems like a bit too much information to me.

    We really don’t need the gory details.

    It feels kind of insensitive. It should be taken down in my opinion.

  2. The government overextends its tentacles into every facet of life, and consequently leaves no resources for roads and public safety – things that are supposed to be its primary occupation. The NJ roads are horrible: bumps, dim lights, unclear and poorly visible street and exit signs, poor roads’ and ramps’ designs. Please be extremely careful when driving in NJ.

  3. I am not watching this. I am offended by the title. Sheer voyeurism. It would be much more spiritually healthy to focus on doing something l’ilui nishmasa, rather than obsessing over every detail of the tragedy.

  4. Thank you very much for this video, not that I need to know the gory details as stated in comment #2. It’s obvious that this was nebech 100 percent a tragic accident, no fault of the nifteres. Enough said , may we just hear of simchos

  5. There is nothing wrong with the video. It is actually very appropriate for two reasons. It shows what happened, so that people who have made up stories, and reports that “claim” to know what happened, can be refuted, and also because it can ensure that the city takes proper safety measures for the future.
    And I am writing this as someone who knows the family very well.
    Umacha Hashem deema meyal kol panim.

  6. #6.
    It is important for people to know and be careful…why do u look at it negatively. ..why not see the kindness in pointing out the dangers that are inherent in the video…so others can be saved?
    You know…we are all what we think..please try to be dan l’chaff zechus your fellow jew…Please stop seeing the dark in everything.
    People care …they dont do it to be mean, for crying out loud! .


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