Watch: The Joy of Shas By Yossi G.


“The Song Of Shas.” An entertaining celebration combining 100’s of klalim and yesodos of Shas presented by Yossi G at his recent Siyum Hashas in Brooklyn.



  1. This busy business man still puts in his ‘hore’vanyah’ to say the in-depth Daf Yomi each and every day. Even though he already gave it for at least one round.

  2. Unbelievable! While running a business, Yossi makes time to give 2 daf yomi shiurim daily plus a chazuras hadaf weekly! A tremendous Talmud chacham and marbits Torah! Ashray yoiladitoy! Yossi’s father Rav Laibel a’h and his mother Yocheved shetichya have raised wonderful children. May his father a’h and his mother Iy’H continue to have much nachas from entire mishpacha!

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