Watch: The Fascinating Story of the Yabloner Rebbe, Rav Yechezkel Taub, Who Left Yiddishkeit and Came Back


Related by Rabbi Pinny Dunner of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.



  1. לשון הרע דאורייתא about a יושן עפר!!! How dare you publish the story!!!!
    It’s a week to Rosh Hashana! Gevaald!!!

  2. There is no question the Yabloner Rebbe is having a tremendous Aliya’s Neshama from all who are inspired to Tshuva to know that there is always hope.

    May His Neshama Have an Aliya!!

  3. Yaakov and Anonymous #3, why must we hear the name of a person who רחמנא ליצלן left yiddishkeit for a life of aveiros! True he did teshuva and true it’s an inspiring story but the לשון הרע of a deceased!!!???

  4. Zalman, For all we know he was Shomer Torah UMitzvos Hiddenly. For all we know he was shomer shabbos and shomrei Torah UmItzvos in private. No one knows how much suffering he went through.

    may His Neshama Have an Aliya!

  5. What about all the lives he saved rescuing them from the holoucaust.In my eyes he wS. True tzadik.I am sure All the descendants will agree with me.

  6. The Rebbe left Israel. Perhaps the Rebbe zl lost interest in life as a jew or life as a Rebbe as many Jews and Rebbes did after the war when he lost his wife and chasidim in Poland The source may or may not have an agenda re chasidim, as the chasidim of kfar chasidim mostly left the chasidic way of life…Ikar choser min Hasefer…More questions than answers


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