Watch: The Evolution Of Jewish Music


This video is a project that I’ve been super excited to create for sometime and eternally grateful to all those who came together to bring it to life. The purpose of this video is to pay tribute to the singers and performers from the 20th century until today highlighting well known songs, concerts and music videos.



  1. A beautiful combination of amazing song producers and singers. One of those who was imitated did not fit in with the rest of them. All of the songs and producers have sent a special message with each of their wonderful words of song and praise. The one black sheep imitated is an embarrassment to yiddishe music at large.

  2. Having watched the video I believe that it is not the evolution of jewish music. The sequence of songs performed do conform to “evolution” especially when done out of order. In addition, leaving off Boruch Chait, the Rabbis Sons, Yigal Calek and others is a big injustice.

  3. Seems more the evolution of American Jewish music with one/two exceptions. Also, some important omissions: Diaspora Yeshiva Band, Kaveret/Poogie, Soulfarm.


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