Watch: The Amazing Shmiely Landau On Keyboard



  1. Are you kidding me??? You expect us to fall for this cheap home video shtick? This was all pre-recorded noise. Since when does one play drums on a keyboard? Banging his hands up and down like that? If you watch carefully, even when he seems to be pressing some keys, it doesn’t match the sound coming from the recording. What a childish prank. Is Matzav that gullible?

  2. Amazing???? Seems to me that the synthesizer was doing most of the work. I’d like to see him play something classical. THAT would be amazing.

  3. Now why would Matzav censor my comment? Is the truth not allowed on this website because it doesn’t fit in with the modus operandi??? Babies.

    • i agree with you. the media is corrupt & will not even post the truth. yes even the jewish ones & it is a major chillul Hashem

  4. so cute!!
    A simple apartment building, no fancy sconces or home decor……simple life with less creates very creative, original and self made talent in my opinion. He could’ve done without all the disco type lights; a bit too much outside influence for a little chassidish boy.

  5. What terrible comments against a young boy that does not know better. The boy will eventually realize what is really important in life and will probably be a more ehrliche yid then all of us!

  6. Zaidy, allowing a child to use his talent & have fun with it will keep him on the “D” much more than suppressing him will.

  7. I am the father of a very talented keyboard play. His yeshiva sorely misses him when he left. Kid’s good. This what a 1 man device does.

  8. We must instill in our children the beauty of Torah. That one minute of learning Torah is worth like thousands of years in Olam Haboh. And that we’re all going to have to give Din V’cheshbon on every minute that we didn’t learn Torah.


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