Watch: The ADULTS at Risk Phenomenon


For thirty years here at Priority-1, we have been fighting with every ounce of strength to address the various issues facing our educational system. From “at-risk” teenagers to ADULTS abandoning Yiddishkeit, we have seen it all, and our heart breaks with every new case that comes to our offices.

We have been in the trenches, innovating and implementing methods to reach the next generation, and we believe that the key is PREVENTION.

We started our Teach to Reach initiative to help educators and parents understand how dangerous the “one size fits all” attitude can be on children and to help children succeed in the classroom. Every child is his own world and we wanted to give teachers and parents the tools to give their children a passionate and lasting Yiddishkeit.

We never expected how successful our training program would become. Currently, we trained over 450+ teachers to reach their 6000+ students and held 9 citywide training events in the past two years.

But we can do more.

Today, please contribute generously at to join us in taking this program to an even larger global level!

  Over the past 30 years Priority-1 has:

  • Led the frum community’s response to the crisis of kids “at-risk”, including

establishing the first schools and programs catering to “at-risk” youth

  • Built a network of yeshivos and kollelim in New York and Yerushalayim
  • Participated in the establishment of a network of kiruv centers across the US
  • Created the first mentorship program to address the “Adults-at-Risk” phenomenon
  • Brought thousands back to Yiddishkeit through weekend kiruv seminars.
  • Established teacher training programs across the country.

Today, please contribute generously at to join us in taking this program to an even larger global level!


  1. Hmm. Our mainstream communities are lacking “feeling”, “passion”, and “inspiration”. I’m pretty sure Hashem sent the Ba’al Shem Tov to the world over 200 years ago to help us solve these issues but we continue to be so arrogant as to belittle, mock, and shut out his message. Meanwhile, thousands of “neo-chassidim” all over the world are connecting to his teachings and those of his students like reb nachman and the lubabavitcher rebbe and getting to the soul of yiddishkeit while everybody else kvetches. The solution is already here. All we need is the humility to open up to it. Not saying that P-1and other such programs don’t incorporate ideas of chassidus, of course they do – chassidus alwasy comes to clean up the mess. (R’ Mota frank etc etc) But wouldn’t it be great if we incorperated it into our school curriculums so we didn’t have these issues in the first place?

    • you think feeling “spiritual” is the solution for everything? you want the jewish community to hand out joints by every entrance to shuls?

      • Joints and lotus sitting is the popular “stereotype”of spiritual. In fact they’re actually not, because one comes from vice and the other comes from avodah zara. Real spiritual is not like that!

        The commenter did not say “feeling” spiritual. Actually being spiritual is different than feeling, and not always refreshing. HaShem puts difficulties in our way too.

        Yeah it would have been great if the Jewish world embraced Besh”t’s message as it was meant to be received, instead of reducing it to your surname and what kinds of hat and coat you wear. All of that is easier than BEING spiritual! You wonder how a horrible thing like New Square ever came from that Hassidus of 200+ years ago.

  2. This person probably is going through depression or amiddlife crisis and needs professional help. I do not believe this is a Kiruv issue and it is not a very common situation.

  3. Atzvus – depression – is one of the many aitzos used by the yetzer ha’ra. I’m NOT suggesting this individual, or the many ike him (there ARE many like him), should not seek professional help. I AM however saying kiruv, hadrachah, validation, acceptance, and a listening ear are equally called for. May HKB”H show all the lost souls the way back, and may He send shluchim such as Rabbi Cohen to their rescue.

  4. P-1 really can’t do anything. These are adults, and you would have to use scientific proof if you were ever to convince them that Torah is Mi’sinai.
    Could we have been able to convince the people of the Eigel or Adas Korach or the Misoininim, who were physically standing by the Har Sinai, that Moshe Rabbeinu is for real?

  5. P-1 DOESN’T realize that for a large percentage of these “adults at risk” the Kiruv proofs are a CAUSE of their doubts, NOT a solution.

  6. @Anonymous – “P-1 DOESN’T realize that for a large percentage of these “adults at risk” the Kiruv proofs are a CAUSE of their doubts, NOT a solution.” I remember hearing Rav Gifter ztzvk”l saying the Moreh Nevuchim says precisely this. But CHaZa”L teach us “ha’maor she’bo, machzirim li’mutav.

  7. Rug wash. We know the secret to keeping kids. Keep ourselves.

    Devotion. Tanakh. Liturgy.

    The kids keep themselves. Its art.

  8. to motel
    you do not need scientific proof that torah is min hashomayim ( divine)
    you habe to be objective and willing to listen
    there are tens of proofs that do not need science


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