Watch: Teva Workers Who Were Laid Off Cause Massive Protests In Israel Today



  1. But those who complain about Chareidi protests will not have a problem with these protesters blocking roads, just like they never open their mouth against the daily disabled protesters who block roads and main highways. After all, this protest is about money and not about refusing to serve in the shmad army.

  2. Not that i want to take sides here, but where r all the comments bashing the teva workers????
    they are closing streets and wrecking havoc in the city and other municipalities are in solidarity with them as well.
    Its seams that only when people fight for something more then money (yiddishkeit aka the draft) does it rub people the wrong way!!!

  3. Sure we’ll see letters from all the people who ‘went into labor 14 seconds before the protest started’ or the Americans who missed their flight, or all the other people who had massive sinas chinam for the protesters against the draft.

    • Yes. My great grandfather’s mother-in-law was delayed and missed her 3rd medication for athletes foot. What a chutzpah! What a Chillul Hashem! I will NEVER purchase any item that Teva sells!


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