Watch: Sympinny, Levy Falkowitz & Yedidim Choir Perform MBD’s “Va’anachnu”


At a recent Simcha, Sympinny Band, Levy Falkowitz & Yedidim Choir performed this MBD old classic V’anachnu Lo Neida Ma Naase.

This song was originally recorded by the king of Jewish Music MBD on the Album Neshama.

Music by: The Sympinny Band
Arranged & Conducted by: Pinny Ostreicher
Guitar: Chaim Bokchin
Drums: Shabsi Brody

Yedidim Choir led by Tzvi Blumenfeld
Shmily Spira
Yoel H. Fuchs
Menashe Lichtenstein
Leiby Wieder

Mixed by: Ruli Ezrachi


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