SEE IT NOW: Supreme Court Nominne Brett Kavanaugh Grilled About Rubashkin Case


Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., questions Brett Kavanaugh in the second day of his confirmation hearing about why he didn’t follow Supreme Court precedent in a case involving undocumented immigrant agro-processing workers.



  1. So Turban Durbin once again met his match and couldn’t deal with someone who actually knows what he is talking about. By the way Rubashkin was not found guilty either of anything relating to workplace issues and illegal hiring or similar rather he was found not guilty of all of those charges as most people recall. So essentially Turban Durbins argument is that since he worked in a slaughter house and it is difficult work – the CEO must be guilty of things that he is not guilty of.

  2. Thanx Yossi. I couldn’t have said it better myself. The left and Senator Durbin just try to use emotion and not the facts of the case.

  3. Wow! This Durban or as yossi calls him Turban Durban is wicked! How is it as yossi states that he can get away with total inaccuracies and, in fact, just lie through his seemingly “professional” diatribe? It rings of nasty antisemitism: No??

    • Dustbin is from the same place Obummer & Rahm came from. They are democrats so they can say and do anything and the DNC controlled media will cover for them.


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