Watch: Stunning Kumzitz At The Scheiner Tent In Uman


(via @Dovid Cohen)


  1. Imagine you are on trial and your life hangs in the balance with the jury, would you party like that or would you daven and be serious? One of the reasons why we dont say halel on RH is for that very explanation.

  2. Hashem loves this , seeing Yiden dancing and being happy. Reb Nachman was preaching all his life to worship hashem via Simcha , not to much different from Chabad drinking Vodka and singing for hashem . God loves all his children and wishes all a lashana tova , all we have left to do is being our best and as Breslovers we dance to hashem 24/7 . Simcha is the best medicine. New Years wishes from Uman .

    • So what you’re saying is, that doing teshuva is not necessary?! Just dance and party the night away? Did you ever look at the words in the machzir?

    • so it’s a mitzvah to celebrate the destruction? or is it appropriate to mourn the destructions. that’s the problem when you make up new rules. its joyfully to gain 200 pounds from eating good food but halacha wouldn’t have a favorable view of that for health. its joyfull to drive a nice car. but haalcha wouldn’t want someone to show off. etc. etc.

  3. this is the runway before takeoff , where you drop your old baggage and get ready to fly . dancing is meraked in hebrew as is sifting , ofcourse the sites dont show people learning and davening thats not news

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