Watch: Statement by President Trump on Syria



  1. Recently i am unable to watch the clips you post which at first was frustrating but lemaiseh in the end of the day B H i have now less distraction

  2. How do we know this news is true? Usually if this is what’s being reported it’s probably the opposite that is true…

  3. President Trump is 100% correct in his response to Assad’s massacre of civilians with chemical weapons, as was Hillary Clinton in calling for exactly this strike. We’re not taking sides in the Syrian civil war (a war which has no “good guys” to champion), we’re merely showing Assad that that he will be seriously punished when and if he commits such atrocities.

    Let the Syrian army, Hezbollah, ISIS, Iran, Russia and others continue killing each other; it’s not our business and not our problem. But when innocent civilians are deliberately attacked with poison gas and the news is filled with photos of fathers carrying their murdered children, our very humanity demands that we help if we are so able. Well, as was demonstrated yesterday, we are able. Let Assad bear this in mind next time he’s tempted to target a hospital and hopefully yesterday will be our first and last involvement in the current Syrian conflict.


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