Watch: State Trooper Makes PSA For ‘Pretty Incredible’ Turn Signal


Have you ever wondered why some drivers can’t seem to figure out how a turn signal works? An Indiana State trooper has created a video tutorial for those sometimes frustrating motorists. This video has since gone viral.


WTHR reports: A Facebook post by a state trooper is getting attention for its tongue-in-cheek approach to an important safety lesson.

Sgt. John Perrine is assigned public information officer tasks for the five-county Indianapolis District. The headline on a Facebook post he made Friday refers to “the often forgotten, incredible safety feature that is standard on all vehicles.”

Perrine proceeds to demonstrate the function of a turn signal.

“If you look at the left side of your steering wheel, there’s this stick that comes out. It’s pretty incredible,” Perrine said. “(Its use) may require that you put down your coffee, your cell phone or whatever you have in your hands so you can safely drive.”



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