Watch As Hundreds Of Japanese Sing Along To Popular Jewish Song “Hishbati”



  1. Is there an issue with Kol Isha here? what was the basis for this event? It see s to have religious undertones. Not so appropriate for Matzav?

  2. Beautiful to watch how even non Jews have such a yearning to connect to Hashem that singing this song brings them to tears! How much more so should we be emotional when singing and praising Him!

  3. Very interesting. Some of them are so emotional during the singing.
    This song is Chinese to them.
    It seems that men and women are sitting separately. Did you notice it?

    • you wish ?? We have plenty !! where do you pray? in your local reform chuch where no beleif in hashem…where they just go to socialize and the galach rabbi talks about politics and matir the latest toaivah like beastiality, or incest (yes thats whats starting!!)

  4. this must b some Jewish event cuz the guy officiating is wearing a yarmulka and there’s a menorah on the stage!! someone please explain!

  5. Impressive, Matzav posted a story with about a Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz song without putting his name in bold print in the headline. I’ll do it for them: SHLOMO YEHUDA RECHNITZ!!!!!!! SHLOMO YEHUDA RECHNITZ!!!!!!!! SHLOMO YEHUDA RECHNITZ!!!!!!!!!

  6. They are singing something that is directly nogeah to them. It is shir hashirim 5:8 which speaks about the goyim who will testify to Hashem when Moshiach comes that we, the yidden, suffered but stayed true to Hashem. There are other references in Neviim about how the Goyim will react when Moshiach comes, this is only one of them.
    The world is coming closer to seeing us as an Or Lagoyim, as we should be.


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