Watch: SM Rubashkin to Teachers On How to Teach Children Emunah



  1. Why is Rubashkin a man de’amar?
    I mean, I’m so happy that he got out. His sentence was exaggerated but that doesn’t turn him into the new Baba of the generation. We can’t ignore the fact that he committed crimes (wether intentional or not is not relevant).

  2. To #1
    HOW DO YOU KNOW HE COMMITTED CRIMES? From the Goyim, who {everyone agrees} were out to get him?

    Even if he did, What happened to Tshuva?
    Have you paid a price for your Aveirus, similar to 8 years in JAIL?
    What would you say about Reb Akiva (who said, ‘in my early days I would say Give a talmud Chochom and I will rip him to pieces)?

    Your comment says a lot about you and nothing regarding Rubashkin!!!

  3. Anonymous just because he IS someone who went through a tremendous nisayon and strengthened his emunah he IS definitely someone to teach the “rabim”! If you went through something of this magnitude you can also become a man damar. Sounds to me you just can’t “ fargin”
    It’s also worth your while to educate yourself about the case because your comment of him committing crimes is inaccurate but most importantly extremely insensitive!!

  4. I have no problem with him being a man de’amar if he was correct in his emuna. The problem is that his philosophy of א ב ג is flawed. I’m not blaming him or judging him and I’m really impressed by how he handled his whole ordeal. But unfortunately his teachings are inaccurate. That’s why not just anyone can get up and start teaching such a sensitive subject like emuna.


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