Watch: SM Rubashkin Greeting His Mother In Boro Park



  1. As we had the merit of a geulah pratis of an individual, may we all merit the geulah klalis with the coming of Moshiach Tzidkeinu bimherah veyameinu, vehoysoh loh simchas olam!

  2. If there’d be Presidential election today, the entire Klal Yisrael would vote for Trump.

    Thank you Hashem and thank you President Trump. President Trump you’re the greatest President in the US history. Our prayers to you. May you merit continuous Heavenly assistance and may Hashem continue saving and guarding you and your wonderful family. Amen!

  3. Very moving and touching. It brought me to tears. Having said that, I don’t think this and numerous other videos should be publicized for the whole world to see. By shoving a camera/cellphone in his face and filming without his permission and then putting them on the world wide internet, shows a lack of derech eretz and tznius.


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